What Is SEO

Seo is a part of digital marketing. Seo stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of generating traffic organically. Seo builds with 2 words one is a search engine and another one is optimization.

What Is SEO

The search engine is a system that is designed to search out the information from www according to the user’s query. Other one optimization is the action of marketing the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.

The overall view of SEO is the process of making your website or web pages better for SERPs so that they can rank at the top. It helps us to grow our business organically. If any user search for any keywords that are relevant to our website Seo will help us to show our website at the top of SERPs.
Importance of Seo :
Seo makes our life so easy. If we need to know about any brand or any product we need to search for it in our search engine and SEO will help us to show the results.

What Is SEO and Different Types Of SEO:

On page Seo:
with the help of on-page Seo, we can control our website and provide a great experience to our users. We can control the website contact, structure, URL, and many more things.

Off-page Seo:

Off-page Seo is the process of enhancing our website ranking factors through activities outside of the website.
Technical Seo:

Technical Seo is the process that happens behind the screen it’s not relevant to the contents.

what is seo

There are 2 types of techniques in Seo, one is WHITE HAT another one is BLACK HAT.
White hat :
This is the ethical way to do SEO. It’s an organic way where we use to follow all the rules and restrictions imposed by the search engines for ranking our website at the top of SERPs. In this technique, we need to optimize our quality of content, relevant links, etc.
Black hat:
This is the unethical way to do Seo. Keyboard stuffing, duplicate content, and cloaking are the black hat technique. Excessive use of the black hat technique can block our website.